Up-Hydro Cable Blowing Machine

UP-HYDRO - Cable Blowing Machines
UP-HYDRO – Cable Blowing Machine

UP-HYDRO Fiber Cable Blowing machine is designed to blow cable and  tubes in ducts. Designed to provide an effective and safe method of fibre optic cable installation. This fiber optic cable blowing machine is equipped with Hydraulic motors. With its compact and dynamic outfit blowing machine, you can handle cables. Hydraulic model cable blowing machine suitable for cross country and long haul networks fiber cable installations where continuous fiber laying works, a best designed machine which runs on hydraulic power, a heavy duty model hydraulic power pack. You need to change palette group and some parts to modify machine from tube to cable blowing machine or reverse. UP-HYDRO Fiber Cable Blowing is working with hydraulic power unit. Motors on UP-HYDRO are  working with compressed hydraulic oil. You  can use UPCOM’s hydraulic power unit  with UP-HYDRO.

Hydraulic motors are more powerful than UP-FOC serie design. Also in  UP-HYDRO is sending the cable in duct by air. So that blowing the cable with UP-Hydro Cable Blowing Machine is easier then UP-FOC Serie. In UP-FOC Serie some of the air is using in air motors. By the power of UP-HYDRO you can blow bigger diameter cables and lot’s of tubes together. There are some disadvantages of UP-HYDRO compared to UP-FOC Serie design. This machine is using with hydraulic power unit.

All our machineries and its spare parts are warranted for one year. For further detail about our products please share the cable diameter and duct diameter with us.


UP-HYDRO: Hydraulic Fiber Optical Cable & Tube blowing machine

Control: By technician

Air need: 12 bar 10m3/min. (minimum)

Hydraulic Motors needed Oil for Motos: 20 liter/min.

Cable and Tube Blowing Velocity: 15meter/minute

Dimensions (width x length x height): 125cm x 94cm x 78 cm (UP-Hydro and Hydraulic Power Unit together)

Weight of Machine: 155kg (UP-HYDRO and Hydraulic power unit together)

Blowing Machine Diagram