Hydraulic Cable Blowing Machine

Hydraulic Cable Blowing Machine “Hidro-FOK” is designed and carefully engineered to blow Fiber Optic Cables and Micro tubes in HDPE ducts. This fiber optic cable blowing machine is equipped with Hydraulic motors. Hidro-FOK machine is operated and supported by the hydraulic power unit (Honda GX-270 Benzine Engine). Micro Tubes can be blown any quantity of Micro Duct with the suitable pallet. Hydraulic motors are making Hidro-FOK the most powerful cable blowing machine among our machines. Hydraulic Motor are much stronger compared to Air Motor. Hidro-FOK machine is engineered to get highly effective and very safe method of fiber optic cable installation.

Compactness – Hydraulic Cable Blowing Machine

With its compact and dynamic outfit blowing machine, you can handle cables. Hydraulic type cable blower machine is an ideal choice for location our city (rural area) and also for long haul cable installation. A best designed machine which runs on hydraulic power, a heavy duty model hydraulic power pack. You need to change palette group and some parts to modify machine from tube to cable blowing machine or reverse. Hydraulic Power is the equipment to be used with Hidro-FOK Machine.


Capable of installing the Fiber Optic Cables & Micro Ducts -Fiber optic cable and micro-duct-. For cables Ø 9 to 22 mm and ducts OD 20 to 50 mm. Its high effectiveness significantly increases daily production. The pallet drive system ensures excellent cable grip without damage and the Pneumatic system absorbs cable diameter tolerances. In addition to that, its high tech engineered design and structure improve blowing performance. Each and every part of machine are engineered and produced to meet and exceed the expectation of customer requirements.

Power – Hydraulic Cable Blowing Machine

Hidro-FOK Machine is a Fiber optic cable blowing machine designed to blow cables into preinstalled telecommunication ducts and micro ducts by using of compressed air. Having 3 pallet options as 9-13mm, 14-18mm and 18-22mm to blow the cables having min 9mm to max. 22mm with a speed of 80m/min. Special pallet design will allow you to install your cables under muddy field conditions  and Cable Blowing Power will not be decreased. You can set cable installing speed and direction with hydraulic control valve. A wisely designed exit box will supply highly productive leading for pressured air into telecom ducts. Quick air connection makes your business easier with an easy plug in method. You can transfer lubricant oil onto pre-installed duct with the shock lubrication system to reduce friction between duct and cables. Your installing power never decrease with two hydraulic motors. You are capable of switching on or off the air entering into telecom ducts with guidance of valves.





  • 1set (2pcs) of Pallet
  • 1pcs Duct Lubricant System
  • 2pcs Hydraulic Motor
  • 1pcs Hydraulic Power Unit with Honda GX-270 Benzine Engine
  • 1pcs Exit Box



  • 1pcs Operator Guide
  • 1pcs Cable Inserts
  • 1set Duct Inserts
  • 1set Blue Nutring
  • 2m Black Rubber O-Ring
  • 1 pcs Protected Wooden Case with holder
  • 1 pcs Quick Insert Air Jack
  • 1set Tool Kit
  • 1 pcs Box for plastic tools



  • Air Cooler
  • Lubricant Oil
  • Air Compressor

Technical Data for Hydraulic Cable Blowing Machine



Standard version

2pcs of hydraulic motor drive



Pallet Options (mm)

9-13 / 14-18 / 19-22

Cable dia. [mm]


Duct OD [mm]


Drive unit

Hydraulic Power Unit

Max. oil circulation of 1pcs of motor [liter/min]

20 (at 4 bar)

Torque Nm – Max. Power


Distance to blow at once max. (Cable Dia. 12mm – Duct Dia. 40mm) (m)


Linear pressure on cable [N/cm]


Max. speed [m/min]


Max. air pressure [bar]


Max. water pressure [bar]




Hydraulic Power Unit + Cable Blowing Machine


Dimension of apparatus with case l x w x h [mm]

750 x 750 x 1240

Total weight [kg]




Compressor Capacity Recommendation


  10,5 m3/min

Working pressure

12 bar

These are minimum compressor requirements. You may use higher capacity of compressor which can increase the effectiveness. You can overcome the handicap of improperly installed ducts.