Fiber Optic Dome Closure UP-DC-209

Fiber Optic Dome Closure UP-DC-209A


Fiber optic dome closure UP-DC-209A provides a perfect solution for protecting fiber splices from penetration of water. It is used for underground, wall mount, aerial and direct buried applications. The closure can accommodate up to 48 cores, which can cover most of the applications in the fiber distribution networks like FTTH (Fiber To The Home), FTTC (Fiber To The Curve). UP-DC-209A has Mechanical and Chemical resistance for all the application areas in the fiber networks. Designed and developed based on our proven sealing technology. It is made of plastic molded parts. The sealing of the closure is achieved by hook. It is used for permanent connecting and branching of fibers and fiber optic cables. The design gives us quick and easy installation.






May be used for cut, uncut and taut sheath applications.May be used for all fiber optic cable.Sheath retention & central strength member termination system included. Closure construction-lightweight plastic offers strength and resistance to chemical and U.V attack
Installation and reentry with a minimum of toolsAll hardware is captive
Protection class: IP68
ROHS compliance
Underground, Aerial, Vault, Pole Mounting and Wall Mounting




Underground, Aerial, Vault, Pole Mounting and Wall Mounting


Technical Details


Model No Size(mm)Spliced fiber storage capacity Cable portsMax..diameter of cable(mm) Splice Capacity of the tray Protection class
 UP-DC-209A 300×178 48 splices (4×12 splices) 1 oval port+ 3 round ports1 oval port for 1 cable with max 18 mm.3 round ports , each port for 1 cable with max 15 mm  12 splices IP68