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Standards and Compliances

As a leading producer of fiber optic cables and rack cabinets, your company is dedicated to providing products that meet the highest industry standards and comply with international regulations. In order to do so, your company adheres to a variety of standards and compliances, including:

  1. ISO 9001:2015 – This certification, issued by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), ensures that your company has a quality management system in place that meets the highest international standards. This certification demonstrates your company’s commitment to producing products that are consistently high in quality and meets customer’s requirements.

  2. RoHS Compliance – The Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive is a European Union directive that restricts the use of certain hazardous materials in electronic and electrical equipment. RoHS compliance certification ensures that your company’s products are free of hazardous materials and are safe for the environment.

  3. CPR – Construction Products Regulation (CPR) is a EU regulation that defines the essential characteristics of construction products and the procedures for assessing and declaring their performance. CPR certification for your company’s products ensures that they meet the EU standards for fire safety, environmental protection, and energy efficiency.

  4. CE – CE marking is a mandatory conformity marking for certain products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA) which certifies that your company’s products meet the EU safety, health and environmental protection requirements.

  5. TIA/EIA – TIA/EIA is a set of standards developed by the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) and the Electronics Industries Alliance (EIA) for the telecommunications industry. TIA/EIA certification verifies that your company’s fiber optic cables meet the industry standards for performance, reliability, and safety


By adhering to these standards and compliances, your company is able to produce products that are of the highest quality and meet the needs of customers in more than 45 countries around the world. Furthermore, these standards and compliances also demonstrate your company’s commitment to environmental and safety regulations, as well as customer satisfaction.

Adhering to these standards and compliances not only makes your company’s products more attractive to customers, but also increases the company’s reputation as a reliable and trustworthy supplier in the industry.


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What is Standardization? 

Standardization is that the method of making protocols to guide the creation of a decent or service supported the agreement of all the relevant parties within the trade. The standards make sure that merchandise or services created in an exceedingly specific trade go together with consistent quality and ar cherish different comparable merchandise or services within the same trade. Standardization additionally helps in making certain the protection, ability, and compatibility of products created. a number of the parties concerned within the standardization processes embody users, interest teams, governments, companies, and standards organizations.



Product certification lets you know that a product is safe and reliable. This is the quality of a product that leads you to a reliable manufacturer. Leading companies work to reduce and eliminate risks. Product certifications reflect their commitment to quality and safety.

Our components are manufactured in state of the art approved facilities to meet and even the customer expectations by the latest international standards as published by organizations such as IEC, ISO/IEC, TIA/EIA, ITU-T and Telcordia GR-326-Core.