Cable Pushing Machine

Cable Pusher “ CAPUMAEL75100 model” is a useful cable pushing machine to lay 3 cables on the ground without human power or a partner for humans to make their job easier and faster.

It is taking power from electric motor and the cable passes over two pairs of propelled pulleys. Two counter pulleys press the cable into the grooves of the two driving pulleys. The tapered pulleys consist of a special high elastic and wear resistant rubber material, thus Cable pusher ensuring a dequate friction. Two counter pulley scan open as in the figure below. And then you can take out cable easily. Electric panel is using to start and to stop machine also regulating the velocity of machine can be made on electric panel. There is 20 meter long electric cable between machine and electric panel so that you can work machine 20 meter away. There is a table under machine you can use machine with table or without table.

Cable Pushing Specification

Pushing Force: 5.5 kN

Pushing Velocity: 0-17 meter / minute (adjustable from electric panel)

Cable Diameter Range: 10 mm – 60 mm –100mm -160mm

Power of Electric Motor:0.75 Kw / 110 Newton meter

Dimensions of Machine with table: 120 cm *100 cm *80cm

Dimensions of machine without Table: 90 cm x 50 cm x 45 cm

Weight of machine with table and Electric Panel: 80 kg

Cable Pusher, cable pushing machine