Wall Mount Rack Cabinet

19_ Wall Mount Rack Cabinet

19″ wall mount rack cabinet (wall mounted data cabinets) are suitable in the offices for limited U height is required. They generally have IP20 protection. Having two adjustable mounting angles in depth. Additional mounting rails can be ordered as accessory. Wall mount rack 4u is also available where the space is limited. Front door with glass door and perforated metal door option is available. Having removable and lockable 2 side panels and metal rear panel Load carrying capacity is 80 kg in case used as a free-standing and load carrying capacity can go up to 200 kg with leveling feet.. W-Line Serie of cabinets are professional solution that meet even exceed the needs of medium sized installation. W-Line serie can easily be transformed into free standing cabinet with the help of 4 holes on the bottom corners of cabinet for castor or leveling feet.

Color options are RAL 9005 Black, and RAL 7035 Light Grey, with fine wrinkle soft touch paint. This product can be transformed into a hinged wall mount rack (also called double section 19″ wall mounted rack cabinet). Vented top cover provides passive air circulation via convection. There is a double vented fan hole suitable for optimum fan cooling. Two adjustable angled rails could be moved forward and backward. Door is having a glass door. It is lockable and removable. Side Panels are removable and lockable. Enabling you for an easy access to equipment and gives better look and improved security Back Panel; could be removable and be mountable on the wall easily. There are two brushed cable entry at W-Line 1 on Bottom 1 on Top.

W-Line serie is space efficient and are perfect choice for smaller installations or to house system distribution points. A few versions of this serie are available to meet a wide range of your project. Double section types are great for controlled spaces such as utility rooms and some models can be fixed over conduit and similar obstructions. Enclosed models provide security to protect equipment in more open spaces from tampering, dust, and other hazards, and many styles have hinged center sections to provide enhanced rear access to equipment and wiring.

19″ Wall Mount Rack Cabinet – Feature

  • Wide range of sizes from 7U to 20U
  • W= 550 mm ,D= 450 mm, and 600 mm options
  • Robust static design, glass front door, with barrel lock.
  • Removable and lockable 2 side panels with barrel lock for an easy access.
  • Material: Sheet steel
  • Heights: Available 5 different U heights : 4U, 7U, 9U, 12U, 15U, 19U and 20U
  • Glass front door, locking rear access panel standard
  • Durable design
  • Space efficient
  • Digital and Manual Thermostatic Fan module optional
  • Includes front 19″ rails.
  • Color options: RAL 9005 Black or RAL 7035 Light Grey
  • Hinged wall mount rack option is available

Wall Mount Rack Cabinet – Construction

Door: Front door with glass door and perforated metal door option is available.

Material: A1 quality steel HDG, body thickness is 2 mm, mounting rails are 1,5 mm thick.

Cable Entry: On Top and bottom cable brushed entry.

Mounting Rail: 2 pcs of 19inch adjustable. Compatible with standard international 19 inch standard.

Side Panels: Opening, lockable.

Painting: Impact-resistant, Electrostatic powder painting. Color options are RAL 9005 Black & RAL 7035 White.

Rear Panel: Can be removable and be mountable on the wall easily. W-Line Wall mount cabinet can easily be transformed to double section 19″ wall mounted cabinet in a second with the help of its well-engineered construction. You shall order the rear section for that option.

IP 20 rating: IP20 according to EN61587-1, IEC60529. Protected against solid objects larger than 12,5 mm in diameter.

Options for

Height: 4U, 7U, 9U, 12U, 15U, 19U, 20U

Width & Depth:

Wall Mount Data Cabinet – Drawing

Exploded View of Wall Mount Cabinet
Isometric View of Wall Mount Cabinet
Max. Device Mounting Dimension of wall mount cabinet

Hinged Double Section Option

This option is available with the same construction of W-Line serie with small revisions. Rear metal panel is replaced with additional section which has 160mm depth depth.

Rear section have hanging holes and heavy duty hinges. This section are easily removable with hinged, easy-locking mechanism, opening with 105º, and opening direction is right from left. Rear section includes extra brushed cable entrance panel on top and bottom.


  • ISO 9001:2000 TSE:EN 61587-1 Mechanical Structures For Electronic Equipment – Tests For IEC 60917 And IEC 60297
  • Climatic and Environment: EN 61587-1/4.2, IEC60068-2-1, IEC60068-2-2, IEC60068-2-30,
  • Static Mechanical Load Lifting: EN61587-1/5.2.1
  • Static Mechanical Load Stiffness: EN61587-1/5.2.2
  • Dynamic Mechanical Load Vibration and Shock, Impact: EN61587-1/5.3.1, EN61587-1/5.3.3, IEC60068-2-6, IEC60068-2-27,
  • Earth Bond: EN61587-1/6.2
  • Flammability: EN61587-1/6.3
  • Degrees Of Protection Provided By Enclosures (Ip Code): IP20 or IP55, EN61587-1/6.4
  • Surface Treatment: Fosfat coating
  • Corrosion Resistance: ISO9227 and ASTM B 117-85
  • Painting: Ral7035 / Ral9005 ( wall mounted data cabinet)

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