Cable Fleeter Trailer

Cable Fleeter on trailer replaces the manual handling for “figure eighting” cable and gives extra protection and security to the cable. Following deployment of the cable in the first leg of duct route the balance of the cable is taken out from the drum and took care of into the Fleeter, thereby delivering the cable end ready for blowing into the second leg.

The Fleeting machine enables a smooth and simple system while assuring the cable safety from pedestrians or vehicles and prevents contamination from mud, soil or dust.

The Fleeter is built to operate with the cable blower, which delivers cable supply within and outside of the Fleeter.

The unit hosts (3,000 meters) of (13mm) cable, allowing drum lengths of (6,000 meters) to be utilized.

The Fleeting machine is made of a road going trailer chassis on which is mounted a cable storage cassette, rotating cable guide quadrant and duct clamp assembly.