Y Connector

Y connector / Y Block  is a cable blowing accessory for overblowing existing cable in a duct with a cable blowing machine. In case of there is a cable already blown into duct you can blow another one or you can blow the third cable.

Without Y Block overflow device you cannot increase cables as you cannot prevent air leaks. You can use this tool for different ducts and cables by cable seals and nutrings that we will be supplied with the product as per your requirements. Required ducts and cable diameters should be stated separately.

Y Connector Jetting Tools / Y block overflow devices are engineered to optimize the space in an existing occupied duct and enable you the deployment of a 2nd cable, or multiple micro-ducts while blowing the Fiber Optic cables. For cables Ø 9 to 36 mm and ducts OD 20 to 63 mm. The blowing performance achieved with Y Connector corresponds to around 50% of the one achieved with the first cable. This means that you will blow the second cable slower than the first one. One branch of the Y-Block Connector connected with the machine is utilized for feeding the second cable in the duct. Deployment distance accomplished with two extra cable is almost equivalent to the one got with one cable.

The Single Size Junction Box consist of an aluminum base and cover that structure a pressurized air chamber into which one finish of a current involved inner duct can be appended. The current cable can leave the case through an exit hole that has 3 cable seal spaces, one of which will house the seal to suit the size of the current cable. The third branch is then associated with a Cable Blowing Machine through a short slave length of inner duct for the deployment of the additional cable or tube(s). Required seals should be provided as the Y-connector doesn’t include any accessories in shipping configuration.

Y Connector - Y Block Duct Connector

  • Compact and light
  • Allows admittance to extremely small dia. chambers
  • Easy transportation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy control (allows you to use it in the two directions)

Y Block Duct Connector

Standard version

Y Connector



Cable dia. [mm]


Duct OD [mm]


Max. Air pressure [bar]


Packed in Wooden Case:

Fumigated Plywood

Package Dimensions l x w x h [mm]:

370x 350 x 180

Total Net weight [kg]


Total Gross Weight [kg]:


How to use Y Block Duct Connector