Premises Distribution Cable – I-V(ZN)H

I-V(BN)H Mini-Break - hybrid-distribution-cable I-V(ZN)H Mini
Premises Distribution Cable


Premises Distribution Cables are used for the data network cabling in indoor applications. A big advantage of PDC Fiber optic cable type is its space-saving construction. Similar to the breakout cable, the connector is directly mounted at the tight buffer. Premises Distribution Cable is the ideal fiber to the desk solution for direct connector fitting. Due to its compact design it is easy to install, where space is limited it is perfect and economic solution. The 900µm tight buffers are individually colored and surrounded by aramid yarns. Depending on the transmission rate required and the distance to be covered, either multimode fibers with various specifications or single mode fibers are used for these cables. To comply with the strict fire safety requirements for indoor applications, cables with halogen-free and flame-retardant cladding are required, since these ensure that a fire is not propagated further along cables, and that cables do not produce corrosive or toxic gases.


  • DIN VDE 0888 Part 6; IEC 61034; IEC 60332-1&2; IEC 60754-2; IEC 60794-1&2


  • Indoor application
  • Installation in shafts, underfloor area
  • Secondary cabling (vertical): riser area (backbone)
  • Tertiary cabling (horizontal): working area, fiber-to-the-desk FTTD
  • Trunk cable, patch- and adapter cable
  • Indoor Fiber Optic cable
  • Non-metallic, halogen free, gel free
  • Suitable for connector assembly

Features and Benefits

  • Direct Termination
  • Enforced with Non-Metallic Strength Members
  • Complete Dry Design
  • All Dielectric
  • Halogen Free Fire Retardant / Low Smoke Zero Halogen
  • Flexible
  • Low Installation Cost
  • Non Metallic Design