SoundProof Cabinet

19” Soundproof Cabinets / Acoustic Cabinet / or 19″ soundproof server cabinet are a cost-effective solution to host Servers in environments like Banks, Hospitals, Retail stores, Offices or Hallways and Receptions. To calculate a desired soundproofing  the sound produced by machinery can be measured with a sound level meter. Noise from active IT equipment in a high-technology workspace or public area can increase stress, decrease productivity and impact profits. However, sometimes locating noisy network equipments near workers or visitors is unavoidable. Cost or space constraints may prohibit building and maintaining a separate room. In such cases, holding the noise level at minimum will significantly  and positively effect the working environment comfort of working people around, also the productivity. Foam-lined soundproof server cabinets / Acoustic Cabinets can reduce audible hardware noise by 15 dB to the same level as typical office background sounds. The best solution can reduce noise by an incredible 31 dBA— making noisy equipment whisper-quiet. Soundproof Server Cabinets with this superior level of attenuation are lined with heavy-duty, multilayer composite on all inside surfaces.

The soundproof server racks are designed to perform the absorption of the created noise from the active equipments mounted inside the rack. Wood veneer exterior view, Thanks to front glass door the cabinets can be more fitting for all workplace. Noise from active IT equipment in a high-technology workspace or public area can increase stress and decrease productivity, leading to diminished profits. Sometimes, cost or space constraints may prohibit building and maintaining a separate server room. When locating noisy network equipment near workers or visitors is unavoidable, keeping the sound in a minimum level is essential for optimum comfort, safety and productivity. To reduce the noise level, the cabinet is equipped with a silent fan ventilation system with a maximum noise level of 29-30dB.Side and back panels are metal. Fully lockable. Has a professional technical and aesthetic appearance with decorative wooden finishing in front door and top hat structure. The product range is distinguished by its environmentally-friendly and exclusive RAL 9005 Black, fine-grained soft-touch paint application with different wood options.


Soundproof Cabinet

With 50 decibel our cabinets is most eligible to use office, hospitals and where needs to be silent. Foam-lined acoustic cabinets can reduce audible server and hardware noise by 15 dB to the same noise level as typical office background sounds.

We are inevitably exposed to noise in every aspect of our lives. We can include computer voices in our workspaces, even songs that others are listening to via headphones. The noise sounds of the soundproof server cabinets are high intensity and give you great advantages in your workspaces and in every area you want to be quiet. The constant loud noise and the like puts the staff under stress and also adversely affects human health. Following these effects, diseases such as high blood pressure, chronic heart disease and ulcers appear very often. The most intense situations such as these are the rack cabinets, which should not be used in the offices for low cost in the offices; Presence in office environments is one of the most risky problems. 

You may get some help here at choosing the right 19 rack cabinet.

Compliance – Acoustic Cabinet

ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System

EN 61587-1: 2012 Mechanical Structure for Equipment 19” IEC 297-1 Mounting

Overall cabinet dimensions “IEC 297-2” EN 60950-1: 2006 Eligibility

RoHS Eligibility

%100 recyclable

Application – Soundproof Cabinet

  • Banks
  • Stores
  • and all other environments to be silent

Features and Benefits – Soundproof Cabinet

As with all Soundproof Basic, the performance of the Acoustic cabinet range relies upon the ingenuity of the enclosure design and the acoustic material used to remove as much noise emittance from the enclosed sound sources as possible. Noise is determined by decibel (dBA) means the quantity of noise from the sound source when attenuation is reduced. For ex. from a sound source with 69dBA noise load (equivalent to a vacuum cleaner at 3m), a 20dBA attention would reduce the audibility to 38 dBA (Equivalent to soft speech). The audibility in an office environment can rank anywhere from 48 dBA (average office without talk) to 78dBA (busy office with talk). So, a soundproof cabinet with 20 dBA attenuation can reduce the noise to whisper-level.

What can be do?

You should first determine the type of rack cabinet you will buy in your office, home, and institution. Soundproof cabinets are one of the healthiest methods for indoor environments. The sound of the cabinet will hardly be felt due to the low noise of the office.

Noise Levels by dB?

Our company test results in France show that. When a high-pressure vacuum cleaner is include inside the cabinet, it travels between 60-63 dB with an approximate sound decibel.

Quality standards

Our product range is manufactured in accordance with international quality standards. ISO9001-20018 / TSE EN-61587-1: 2012

Advantages of soundproofing

an ideal world we would all live in peace and quiet. There’d no noises to distract or irritate us, and we’d be allowed to work, rest and play in tranquillity. Sadly, the world is far from ideal. It doesn’t matter whether you’re at home, at work, in the car or simply shopping, we’re constantly assaulted by noise. Most of us begrudgingly accept this as part and parcel of everyday existence: you could almost say that we see it as a sort of necessary evil. There are obviously certain things we can do to alleviate the situation, like taking our business elsewhere, or shopping in an alternative place if we find the piped music too loud and annoying. But it’s not that easy if the noise is in your home, car or workplace.That’s why we’re here for all your Soundproof needs.

Height measurements: 12U, 16U, 26U, 36U, 42U

Fan Module – special to Soundproof Cabinet


Axial compact fans are suitable for high air performance with moderate pressure build-up. The flow of air through the fan blades is parallel to the rotation axis. ebm-papst offers a wide selection of AC and DC compact fans – from 25 to 280 mm – which are extremely flat, thanks to the space-saving integrated motor. Sound Insulation in your homes, workplaces and offices, in short in your life where you need to be silent in many places and many advantages you will be with you.

Sound Emitting Performance

Ekran Resmi 2019-04-16 11.17.26
Noise Reduction Chart

General Features

High, medium and low frequency segments, flexible type, airflow friendly, with excellent sound cut and the best sound reduce performance.

75-100 kg/m3

Fireproof; (BS 476 Part 6 Class 0, Part 7 Class 1) Non Halogen


For acoustic and acoustic applications All doors, and panels, be- tween the wall and the inner surface of the inner wall are coated with this material. High sound absorbing performance. Moisture and Mold preventive



Soundproof Glass front door?

soundproof cabinet

With the 8mm smoked tempered glass model, you can easily see the accessory or device you have connected and add a different atmosphere to your office. Glasses used in acoustic cabinets are used in the cabinet and specially used to minimize sound leakage.

For those who love the nobility of black…

Soundproof Server Cabinet Wooden front door?

sounproof cabinet

If wooden furniture is predominant in your office or space, you can choose one of our wood color options and preserve the look of your environment. We are with you with 6 different trees.

If you need style in your office , you are in right place…

Advantages of Wood Material

As we know, many, materials change in size and volume as the temperature changes. They expand with increasing of the temperature. This means linear and volumetric expansion. The expansion. The expansion causes decrease in the strength of materials. Steel, which is inorganic and non-combustible and therefore has an advantage against fire, but when used in buildings, it expands and collapses as a result of increase in heat.

Wood does not practically expand against heat. On the contrary, by the effect of heat, it dries out and gains strength. The only time wood expands a little is when the humidity level is below 0%, and this is only scientifically significant. In practice, the humidity level of wood does not drop under 5% even in the driest climate.



 Mini-FOK Cable Blowing Machine provides an excellent flexibility and compact design to the users offering a complete solution.  Allows you to blow the cables -micro type cable and micro-duct-. Mini-FOK Cable Blowing Machine can install the cables in a range of Ø 2,5 to 16 mm and various ducts outer diameters 7 to 40mm are available upon request. Customized Duct diameter can be made upon request. Mini-FOK is engineered for blowing telecommunication cables or micro ducts in preinstalled ducts. This multifunctional machine is easy to use for the installation of cables, micro-cables or micro-ducts by air and covers a wide range of cable diameters.


Mini-FOK Machine has a significant productivity and it considerably increases your labor’s production capacity. A special and carefully designed pallet system assuring an excellent cable drip and decrease the damage risk. Clamping system adjust the cable outer diameter fluctuation/tolerance. In addition to that, its high-tech engineered design and structure improve blowing performance. Each part of machine is engineered and produced to meet and exceed the expectation of customer requirements. Mini-FOK it is equipped with a distance and speed indicator..


Mini-FOK Cable Blowing Machine – Compactness


Mini-FOK is a Fiber optic cable blowing machine designed to blow cables into telecommunication ducts and micro ducts by using of compressed air. Having 3 pallet options as 2,5-4mm, 5-8mm, 9-12mm and 13-16mm to blow the cables having min. 2,5mm to max. 16mm. This fiber optic cable blowing machine works with one air motor for blowing the cables and tubes. Due to 1 air motor, it can perfectly blow fiber optic cables into ducts. So, it’s a perfect choice If fiber optic cable diameter is 6mm and duct diameter is 16mm.


Special pallet design will allow you to install your cables under muddy field conditions and Cable Blowing Power will not be decreased. You can set cable installing speed and direction with control valve.  A wisely designed exit box will supply highly productive leading for pressured air into telecom ducts. Quick air connection makes your business easier with an easy plug-in method. It’s completely Made in Turkey with international standards.

Single air motors will ensure to continuous high effective cable blowing power. You can switch on or off the air entering telecom ducts with guidance of valves. Festo Lubricant system takes off moisture of pressured air which comes from compressor and supplies continuous lubricate for air motors.