Air Cooler Machine

Air Cooler

The air cooler equipment usually works when temperature is higher than 20 0C during cable blowing with cable blowing machines together. This equipment is working with the compressed air which is coming from compressor. Compressed air is working the air motor which turns the fan. And fan is cooling air that goes to the cable blowing machine and duct.
If you do not have a cooler, then high temperature may damage your duct. Also there will be more friction between cable and duct. These thing effects your blowing distance.

Air Cooler Specification

Dimension is 74cm *45 cm *52 cm.
Weight is 40 kg
Equipment is filtering moisture in the compressed air.
Fan is starting or stopping by the vane with handle.
Air motor is using 0.2 Meter cup / minute air and working on 6 bar.

Air cooler