Cable Blowing Lubricant UP-S-LUB-100XL

Cable Blowing Lubricant UP-S-LUB-100XL

Cable Blowing Lubricant UP-S-LUB-100XL is a special lubricant for fiber optical installation for min and micro cable for blowing machine cable installer. It’s a water emulsion of different kind of polymers.

The Product is a water base product with high lubricant efficiently. It’s reduce dramatically the friction. S LUB is white liquid little bit viscosity.

The product adhere perfectly at the cable surface or at the internal surface of the pipe. It’s leave a very tiny film of lubricant and does not make the glue effect.

Product Use: Cable and Duct Pre-lubrication

UP S LUB 100  has the same base products of UP S LUB 10 but is much more performance due a specific additives very active in this field to reduce the friction.

Product Consistency:Semi liquid
Cable installation:Blowing machine
Application:Cable threading
Installation type:Industrial
Type of cable or piping fiber optic duct internal diam size:from 4 to 12 mm
Cable Blowing Lubricant F Oil

Usage Qty

internal duct

diam Ǿ mm

Quantities of product (mm)

How much the duct must be fill of the product (different kind of measure for the same quantities)



» 30 cm



» 20 cm



» 15 cm

How to use

The real quantities could change due to a condition of the duct or how is pipe long difficult.

Shake the bottle before use, then put the product inside in the duct. Then pre-lubricant the pipe with a little piece of sponge pushed by air compress. Cable Blowing Lubricant UP-S-LUB-100XL is also suitable for blowing machine with oil dispenser to lubricating the fiber during the pushing. The UP S LUB 100, also can be useful to lubricate the fiber optic before or after blowing machine. It’s depended on the appliance with iron wheel or with rubber wheel.

Technical Specification of Cable Blowing Lubricant UP-S-LUB-100XL

Technical Specification:      Aspect White liquid tiny viscosity

Odor:                                     Characteristic

Viscosity:                               30 sec. Ford cup diam. mm 4 at 20C°

Specific gravity:                    1,030 +- 0,03 gr/cm3

pH:                                         7,5 +- 0,5

Inflammability:                     Noninflammable

Temperature:                       0° + 70° C.

Packaging of Cable Blowing Lubricant UP-S-LUB-100XL


Product Code

Wrapping / Packaging


Bottle 500 gr / box 12 pc


Bottle 1 kg / box 15 pc


Bottle 1 kg / box 12 pc


Bottle 1 kg / box 6 pc


Tank 5 kg / 1 pc


Tank 10 kg / 1 pc


Tank 20 kg / 1 pc


Tank 25 kg / 1 pc