cable blowing lubricant UP S LUB 20

Cable Blowing Lubricant UP-S-LUB-20

Cable Blowing Lubricant UP-S-LUB-20 is a special lubricant for fiber optical installation for min and micro cable with blowing machine. It’s a water emulsion of different kind of polymers.

The product is a water base product with high efficiently of lubricant. It’s reduce dramatically the cable blowing friction. UP S LUB is white liquid little bet viscosity.

The product adhere perfectly at the cable surface or at the internal surface of the pipe. It’s leave a very tiny film of lubricant and does not make the glue effect.

Product Use: Micro Fiber Optic Cable and Duct Pre-lubrication

Product Consistency:Semi liquid
Cable installation:Blowing machine
Application:Cable threading
Installation type:Industrial
Type of cable or piping fiber optic duct internal diam size:15 to 50 mm
Cable Blowing Lubricant F Oil

Usage Qty

Quantities of Cable Blowing Lubricant  for 1000m

Internal duct

diam Ǿ mm

Quantities of product (ml)
20 – 30600
30 – 40700
40 – 50


The real quantities can be change due to a condition of the pipe or how is difficult the pipe long.

How to use

Shake the bottle before use, then put the product inside in the pipe. Then pre-lubricant the pipe with a little piece of sponge. Cable Blowing Lubricant UP-S-LUB-20 is also suitable for blowing machine with oil dispenser to lubricating the fiber during the pushing. The UP-S-LUB-20, also can be useful to lubricate the fiber optic before or after blowing machine. It’s depend on the appliance with iron wheel or with rubber wheel.

Technical Specification of Cable Blowing Lubricant UP-S-LUB-20

Technical Specification:     White liquid tiny viscosity

Odour:                                  None

Viscosity:                              120 sec. Ford cup diam. mm 4 at 20C°

Spefigic gravity:                   1,030 +- 0,03 gr/cm3

pH:                                         7,5 +- 0,5

Inflammability:                    Noninflammable

Temperature:                      -5° + 70° C.                 

Biodegradability:                Biodegradable

Toxic:                                    The product is not toxic

cable blowing lubricant eco friendly

Packaging of Cable Blowing Lubricant UP-S-LUB-20

Product Code

Wrapping / Packaging


 Bottle 500 gr 

(box 12 pc)


Bottle 1 kg 

(box 15 pc)


 Bottle 1 kg

(box 12 pc)


 Bottle 1 kg 

(box 6 pc)


Tank 5 kg 1 pc


Tank 10 kg 1 pc


Tank 20 kg 1 pc


Tank 25 kg 1 pc

International Standards and Compliances

cable blowing lubricant UP-S-LUB-20; There are several international standards and compliance regulations that cable blowing lubricants must meet in order to be used in cable installation projects.

One important standard is the ISO 6743-9 standard, which specifies the classification and requirements for lubricants used in the telecommunications industry. This standard includes requirements for the lubricant’s viscosity, specific gravity, and lubricating properties.

Another important standard is the IEC 61034 standard, which sets guidelines for the smoke density and toxicity of cable lubricants. This standard is important for ensuring that cable lubricants do not produce excessive smoke or toxic fumes in the event of a fire.

In addition to these standards, cable lubricants must also comply with local and regional regulations regarding the use and disposal of lubricants. For example, many countries have regulations in place to limit the use of lubricants that contain hazardous chemicals or that are not biodegradable.

It’s important to check the specifications of the lubricant you are using, and if it’s compliant with local and international standards to ensure that it’s safe and suitable for use in your specific application.

Maintenance and Storage Instructions

Maintenance and storage of UP-S-LUB-20 cable blowing lubricants is important to ensure that the lubricant remains effective and safe for use. Here are some general guidelines for maintaining and storing cable blowing lubricants:

  1. Store cable blowing lubricant UP-S-LUB-20  in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Extreme temperatures can affect the UP-S-LUB-20 lubricant’s viscosity and effectiveness.
  2. Keep cable blowing lubricant UP-S-LUB-20 containers sealed to prevent contamination from dust, dirt, or other foreign particles.
  3. Avoid storing cable blowing lubricant UP-S-LUB-20 near chemicals or other materials that may react with or contaminate the lubricant.
  4. Check the lubricant’s expiration date and discard any lubricant that has expired.
  5. When dispensing lubricant, use clean, approved equipment to prevent contamination.
  6. Properly dispose of any used or contaminated lubricant in accordance with local, regional, and national regulations.

It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the specific lubricant that you are using, as different lubricants may have different storage and maintenance requirements.

Also, regular monitoring of lubricant’s condition for example, viscosity, color, smell, will help to ensure that the lubricant is still safe to use. It’s also good practice to keep a record of lubricant usage, such as the date of purchase, batch numbers and expiration dates, which could be helpful in case of any issues.