DrillFOK Cable Blowing Machine

DrillFOK has no internal motor but only external motor such as cordless chargeable drill machine or screwdriver. The Product installs micro cable up to 1000m with a speed of 110m/min. The machine’s compact design make your business incredibly easy for jetting the micro fiber cables into ducts. The cable blowing system structure ensures fast and simple change of components for various cable diameter or duct diameters. Ergonomic design and mobility features make the DrillFok is ideal for either outside or in-building use. The DrillFok uses compressed air to install the cable. The drive roller, powered by most types of cordless drills -that should be ordered separately- control the micro fiber as it is propelled into the micro duct. DrillFok machine takes name from drilling tool because you do not need to use an internal motor with this machine you only need to use a standard drilling tool.

DrillFOK Cable Blowing Machine

•Controlled by technician.

•Working with drilling tool.
•Duct Diameter =Changeable by tools
•Cable diameter = 2mm to 9,5 mm.
•Needed air= Minimum 12 bar – 1 meter cup / minute.
•Dimensions= 31cm*25 cm*32cm
•Weight =10 kg
•Cable installing velocity =Changeable by the drilling tool
• Direction =Forward and backward
•Cable pusher rolls can change easily.
•One air inlet from compressor with quick connection
•Quick connection part is giving with machine.
• Easily changeable for different cables
•Easily changeable for different ducts.

At a Glance

  • Controlled by technician.
  • Duct Diameter =Changeable by tools
  • Cable diameter = 2mm to 9,5 mm.
  • Needed air= Minimum 12 bar – 1 meter 3 / minute.
  • Dimensions= 31cm*25 cm*32cm
  • Weight =10 kg
  • Cable installing velocity =Changeable by the drilling tool
  • Direction =Forward and backward
  • Cable pusher rolls can change easily.
  • One air inlet from compressor with quick connection
  • Quick connection part is giving with machine.
  • Easy to modify for different cables
  • Easy to modify for different ducts.