Cat6 SF UTP PVC 23 AWG Grey PVC vertical

CAT 6 SF UTP Data Lan Structured Cables are produced according to ISO IEC 61156-5 and TIA 568-C.2 requirements, an excellent choice to support all Class E applications like Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet. Category 6 network cable are suitable for basic voice and data installations up to 250 MHz.

Construction – CAT 6 SF UTP

  • 23 AWG Bare Copper
  • PE Insulation
  • Pair Separator PE
  • Al-Pet Foil 100% Coverage
  • Tinned Copper Wire Braiding
  • Outer Sheath PVC, HFFR* or PE


  • EIA/TIA-568-C.2
  • ISO/IEC 11801 2nd ed
  • IEC 61156-5 , EN 50173-1
  • EN 50288-5-1


  • IEEE 802.3: 10Base-T, 100Base-T, 1000Base-T, 10GBase-T, IEEE 802.5 16 MB, ISDN, TPDDI,
  • ATM Power over Ethernet (PoE) / PoE+

Technical Properties

Copper Weight – CAT 6 SF UTP30,5 kg/km
Min. Bending radius    during draw in58 mm
Min. Bending radius    permanently installed29 mm
Max. Tensile Strength100 N
Min. Crush Resistance1000 N/10 cm
Min. Impact10 Impacts
Installation Temperature0°C … + 50°C
Operating Temperature-30°C … + 70°C
Packing305 / 500 m
Electrical Properties                             at 20ºC
Max. Conductor Resistance9.5 Ω / km
Max. Resistance Unbalance< 2%
Min. Insulation Resistance5000 MΩ x m
Mutual Capacitance50 pF / m
Max. Capacitance Unbalance1600 pF / km
Impedance at 100 MHz100 ± 5 Ω
Velocity of Propagation67%
Delay Skew45 ns / 100 m
Min. TCLLevel 2
Coupling Attenuation Type 1
Transfer ImpedanceClass 2
Test Voltage1000 V
Operating Voltage125 V
Frequency Attenuation NEXTPS – NEXTACRPS-ACRACRFPS-ACRFReturn Loss
(MHz)(dB/100 m)(dB)(dB)(dB/100 m)(dB/100 m)(dB/100 m)(dB/100 m)(dB)
Product NameOuter Sheath MaterialEuro ClassCable WeightFlame RetardancyCorrosive GasesSmoke DensityOptions
SF/UTPPVCEca67 Kg/KmEN 60332-1-2N/AN/APVC
Cat 6 SF/UTP HFFRHFFRDca68 Kg/KmEN 60332-1-2EN 50267-2-3EN 61034-2HFFR

About Cat 6 SF-UTP Cable

CAT 6 S-F/UTP (Shielded/Foil shielded Twisted Pair/ Unshielded twisted Pair) cables are a type of high-speed Ethernet cable that can support data transfer speeds of up to 10 Gbps. They are made up of four twisted pairs of copper wire, each of them individually shielded with a foil shield and the entire cable is also shielded, providing an extra layer of protection against electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI). This shielding helps to reduce the amount of noise on the cable and improves the overall signal quality.

One of the key features of CAT 6 S-F/UTP cables is the twisted pair design, which helps to reduce crosstalk, a phenomenon that occurs when the electromagnetic fields of one wire interfere with the signals of another wire. This twisted pair design helps to improve signal integrity and reduce data errors. The individual and overall shielding also work to reduce the amount of crosstalk and interference.

Another key feature of CAT 6 S-F/UTP cables is their high data transfer speeds. They are rated for speeds of up to 10 Gbps, which is more than twice as fast as CAT 5e cables and about the same as CAT 7 cables. This makes them suitable for high-bandwidth applications such as video streaming, gaming, and other high-speed data transfer needs.

CAT 6 S-F/UTP cables also have a higher frequency range than previous generations of Ethernet cables, they can support frequencies of up to 250 MHz, which allows for more data to be transmitted over the cable.

CAT 6 S-F/UTP cables are also backwards compatible with previous generations of Ethernet cables.