19″ Free Standing Rack Cabinet – FS-LINE

Free Standing Rack Cabinet

19 Free Standing rack network cabinets provide a robust, cost-effective enclosure solution. FS-Line offers you a flexible and comprehensive solution for your network installations In terms of housing, you have numerous 19″ options with installation depths that range from 600 to 800 mm: With heights from 16 to 42 units in black (RAL9005) or gray (RAL7035). The removable side panels and the lockable tempered-glass door make cabling and component exchange particularly easy.

In material and workmanship, we provide top quality. Part of that is a cold-rolled steel frame, zinc-plated 19″ mounting rails and antistatic powder coating on all panels. For the options available, you can contact us. Color, dimension, or construction can be modified as per you requirements. IP rated version of FS Line is available upon request too.

19 Free Standing Rack – FEATURES

  • FS Line is designed for the protection of wiring systems, servers and other devices in office and system rooms.
  • It is made of metal and has IP20 protection level.
  • Four pieces of 19” adjustable mounting rails – Front and Rear
  • Front door with glass door, metal door.
  • Removable and locking 2 pcs of side panel.
  • Rear door with solid metal door.
  • Material: Sheet steel
  • Width: 600 & 800 mm
  • Depth options: 600, 800, 1000 mm
  • Heights: Available 13 different U heights 11U to 45U
  • Color options: RAL 9005 Black or RAL 7035 Light Grey
  • Rear access panel standard.
  • Robust construction
  • Space efficient
  • Digital and ON/OFF Fan module options

19 Free Standing Rack – CONSTRUCTION

Door: Front door with glass door and perforated metal door option is available.

Material: A1 quality steel HDG, carriers are 2 mm, mounting, the poles 1,5 mm

Cable Entry: On Top and bottom cable entry. Multiple cable entry points provide maximum versatility

Mounting Rail: 4 pcs of 19″ adjustable mounting rails. Compatible with standard international Network cabinets 19 inch standard.

Side Panels: Opening & lockable.

Painting: Impact-resistant, Electrostatic powder painting. Color options are RAL 9005 Black & RAL 7035 White.

Rear Panel: Can be removable and be mountable easily

IP 20 rating: IP20 according to EN61587-1, IEC60529 protected against solid objects larger than 12,5 mm in diameter.

Options for

Heights: 12U, 15U, 16U, 19U, 20U, 25U, 27U, 30U 33U 35U 37U 39U 42U 45U

Width & Depth: 600x600mm





Tip: 19” rack cabinets provide a robust, cost-effective enclosure solution. PDU mounting or connectivity on both the front and rear of the cabinet. The Free Standing 19

Rack cabinets are ideal for high-density data center environments, enabling increased cabling and equipment density while providing excellent accessibility and thermal efficiency. All of these features are integrated into a full-featured modular enclosure that is equally effective as a free standing network cabinet and server cabinet.


Compliance – Network Cabinets

  • ISO 9001:2000 TSE:EN 61587-1 Mechanical Structures For Electronic Equipment – Tests For IEC 60917 And IEC 60297
  • Climatic and Environment: EN 61587-1/4.2, IEC60068-2-1, IEC60068-2-2, IEC60068-2-30,
  • Static Mechanical Load Lifting: EN61587-1/5.2.1
  • Static Mechanical Load Stiffness: EN61587-1/5.2.2
  • Dynamic Mechanical Load Vibration and Shock, Impact: EN61587-1/5.3.1, EN61587-1/5.3.3, IEC60068-2-6, IEC60068-2-27,
  • Earth Bond: EN61587-1/6.2
  • Flammability: EN61587-1/6.3
  • Degrees Of Protection Provided By Enclosures (Ip Code): IP20 or IP55, EN61587-1/6.4
  • Load Carrying Capacity of 600 kg
  • Surface Treatment: Fosfat coating
  • Corrosion Resistance: ISO9227 and ASTM B 117-85
  • Painting: Ral7035 / Ral9005