19″ IP Rated Outdoor Cabinet – GUARD BOX BASIC

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Guard Box Basic

IP rated 19 inch outdoor rack cabinet (outdoor street cabinet) is available as Pole/Wall Mounting and Free standing options. Outdoor IP rated cabinet protects your equipments which are carrying vital importance for communication. Guard Box Basic Serie outdoor ip rated cabinet is suitable for outdoor application on your IT solutions. It is protected and secure to contact, water penetration and corrosion. They provide IP66 protection without any hole and ventilation. Fully protected construction will be guarding your IT equipments under the heavy air conditions against environmental difficulties And painted with the latest technology nano technologic paints and therefore having 500 hours salt spray resistance. All Guard Box Basic cabinets have 10mm isolation material as a standard. In this way we protect your equipment against environmental and territorial effects. Air outlet and inlet are covered with filters to allow an air circulation. Guard Box Basic outdoor street Cabinets have options for Single Skin and Double Skin. Material is DX51D+Zn275 gr/m2 zinc plated. Doors are fully gasketed. Doors are armed with standard lock with a single locking point. Mono-block full welded construction, RAL 7035 light grey polyester painting protects the cabinet from corrosion and prolong the product life.

Double Skin Option:

Double Skin and isolation infilled panels protects the equipments inside cabinet from external effects, mechanical impacts, vandalism, harsh environmental conditions. External skin is zinc plated steel material structure with nano technology , high corrosion resistance polyester outdoor electrostatic painting applied. Inner skin is steel material.

Filter and Fan System: The cabinet has a fan and filter system which guards the cabinet against water and dust integration and circulates fresh air into the cabinet. The upper chassis of cabinet is equipped with 1 or 2 way fan including thermostat. The canopy roof hosts the fans. 


  • Mechanical Structures for Electronic Equipment, Cabinets: EN 61587-1 2012
  • Overall Cabinet Dimensions.: IEC 297-2
  • 19’’ mounting: IEC 297-1
  • IP54/55 protection : EN 60529
  • Mechanical Impact Resistance: IK10
  • Information technology equipment Safety – General Requirements: EN 60950-1:2006
  • RoHS
  • Environment Friendly: Recycling 100
  • CE Marking

Dimensions – outdoor street cabinet

  Height Width Depth
U mm mm mm mm mm
7 480 600 400 450 600
9 570 600 400 450 600
12 705 600 400 450 600
15 840 600 400 450 600  


Tips About IP Rated Outdoor Cabinets

It is often confusing for an engineer to know what type of rating they need to look for when they desire to have a “waterproof” enclosure. Much like with watches or other sensitive information, there is a big difference between waterproof, water resistant, and other descriptive but not specific labels. To help out, there are several rating systems that have been developed although and several testing agencies that verify the results. Among these, the two best known are NEMA and IP.

IP RatIng Chart – IP Rated Outdoor CabInet

Tip: The Cabinets without any hole is IP66 rated class against dust and water -without Fan, Filter and Air Exhaust/slot- integration performs IP66. Filter, Fan hauls and Air Slots may decrease the IP rating.