ElektroFOK Cable blowing machine electric

ElektroFOK Cable blowing machine is produced as per users’ feedback who have specialty on cable blowing technologies. It is using electricity to blow cables from 1mm to 6 mm. Hydraulic motors are more extremely powerful. Therefore blowing the cable with HidroFOK Cable Blowing Machine is easier than FOK Machine. But in FOK Cable blowing machine some of the air is using in air motor. By the power of HidroFOK you can blow bigger diameter cables. And lot’s of tubes together. There are some disadvantages of HidroFOK compared to FOK Serie design. This cable blowing machine is using hydraulic power unit. However only compressor is enough in FOK Serie machine. And it’s heavier than FOK Serie and bigger than FOK Serie. ElektroFOK is using electric to blow cables from 1mm to 3mm. You better to provide us duct diameters in your project before ordering the cable blowing machines. You may contact one of our sales expert for further technical support.

Technical Properties of ElektroFOK CABLE BLOWING MACHINE

ElektroFOK: Micro fiber optic cable blowing machine with electric motor.

Operated by: Technician.

Needed electricity: City electric.

Needed air: 15 bar -1 metercup/minute (Can be modified to the different factors)

Cable blowing speed: 0 to 50 meter/minute

Dimensions of machine: 30 cm * 40cm * 15cm

Dimensions of box: 71 cm * 45cm * 42cm

Weight of machine with box: 28 kg

Cable Blowing Machine Selection Chart