MiniFOK PLUS Cable Blowing Machine provides an excellent flexibility and compact design to the users offering a complete solution. MiniFOK Plus Cable Blowing Machine can install the cables in a range of Ø 2,5 to 16 mm and various ducts outer diameters 7 to 40mm are available upon request. Customized Duct diameter can be made upon request. MiniFOK Plus is engineered for blowing telecommunication cables or micro ducts in preinstalled ducts. This multifunctional machine is easy to use for the installation of cables, micro-cables or micro-ducts by air and covers a wide range of cable diameters. Capable of installing the cables -micro-cable and micro duct.

MiniFOK Plus Machine has a significant productivity and it considerably increases your labor’s production capacity. Single Operator is enough to operate the machine. A special and carefully designed pallet system assuring an excellent cable drip and decrease the damage risk. Clamping system adjust the cable outer diameter fluctuation/tolerance and extremely easy to fix the cable to machine. In addition to that, its high-tech engineered design and structure improve blowing performance. Every part of machine is engineered and produced to meet and exceed the expectation of customer requirements. MiniFOK Plus it is equipped with a digital distance and speed indicator.

MiniFOK Plus is a Fiber optic cable blowing machine designed to blow cables into telecommunication and micro ducts by using of compressed air. Having 4 pallet options as 2,5-4mm, 5-8mm, 9-12mm and 13-16mm to blow the cables having min. 2,5mm to max. 16mm. This fiber optic cable blowing machine works with one air motor for blowing the cables and tubes. MiniFOK Plus cleans the surface of cable before it blows the cable. This feature protects the air motors and keep them clean.

Special pallet design will allow you to install your cables under muddy field conditions and Cable Blowing Power will not be decreased. You can set cable installing speed and direction with control valve.  A wisely designed exit box will supply highly productive leading for pressured air into telecom pipes. Quick air connection makes your business easier with an easy plug-in method. It’s completely Made in Turkey with international standards. Stylish carrying handles can easily be disappear by sliding them under the machine with its special slide system and make the operator’s business easier while at the same time adding an aesthetic to the machine.

Single air motors will ensure to continuous high effective cable blowing power. You can switch on or off the air entering telecom ducts with guidance of valves. Thanks to the “MiniFOK Plus” cable breakage prevention system, it prevents the cable from breaking in case of sudden cable blowing direction changes. Festo Lubricant system takes off moisture of pressured air which comes from compressor and supplies continuous lubricate for air motors.

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MiniFOK PLUS Cable Blowing Machine


  • 1set (2pcs) of Belt
  • 1pcs Digital Meter Indicator
  • 1pcs Air Motor
  • 1pcs Air Lubrication System
  • 1set Cable Aligning Parts
  • 1pcs Direction Valve Backward and Forward Directions
  • Easy Cable Plug Header
  • Cable Surface Cleaning Tool



  • 1pcs Operator Guide
  • 1pcs Cable Inserts: Options 4mm to 8mm
  • 1set Duct Inserts
  • Up to 30pcs Blue Nutring (6pcs per Cable Dia)
  • 2m Black Rubber O-Ring
  • 1pcs Protected Wooden Case with holder
  • 1pcs Quick Insert Air Jack to Compressor
  • 1set Tool Kit
  • 1pcs Box for plastic tools



MiniFOK PLUS Cable Blowing Machine
Technical Data

Standard version

1pcs of pneumatic motor drive


MiniFOK Plus

Pallet Options (mm)

2,5-4 / 5-8 / 9-12 / 13-16

Cable dia. [mm]


Duct OD [mm]


Drive unit


Max. air circulation of motor [m3/min]

1 (at 4 bar)

Torque Nm – Max. Power


Max. distance to blow at once (Cable Dia. 2,5mm – Duct Dia. 16mm) (m)


Linear pressure on cable [N/cm]


Max. speed [m/min]


Max. air pressure [bar]


Max. water pressure [bar]


Dimension of tools and accessories case l x w x h [mm]

670 x 490 x 470

Total weight [kg]



MiniFOK PLUS Cable Blowing Machine

Compressor Capacity Recommendation


  1,0 m3/min

Working pressure

  15 bars

  • These are minimum compressor requirements up to Duct Dia. 20mm. You may use higher capacity of compressor which can increase the effectiveness. You can overcome the handicap of improperly installed ducts.

Pallet, Cable Aligning and Duct Options

Pallet Set (mm)

Cable Aligning Tool (mm)

Duct Connection Tool (mm)

P1: 2,5-4

C1: 2,5-4

D: 7

P2: 5-8

C2: 5-8

D: 8

P3: 9-12

C3: 9-12

D: 12

P4: 13-16

C4: 13-16

D: 20


Ordering Code







Pallet Set

Cable Aligning Tool

Duct Connection Tool








D: 7






D: 8






D: 12






D: 20


Multiple Ordering


Multiple Ordering


Multiple Ordering








1 set of Pallet – 1 Set of Cable Aligning Tool + 1pcs Duct Connection Tool is included.