How does a Cable Blowing Machine Work?

How does a Cable Blowing Machine Work?

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Let’s find the answers of How Does A Cable Blowing Machine Work and what is Cable blowing machine (also called Jetting machine).. The fiber optic cable blowing machines are designed and produced to blow the fiber optic cables into ducts (micro ducts and telecom ducts) with the use of bottled air, nitrogen or compressed air. Then, Cable is fed into a motorized blower head that is connected to a duct via a one-way air valve.

The blower head provides the initial push that drives the cable into duct when a clean dry stable air source like bottled air, nitrogen or compressed air is introduced to the pathway through the one-way air valve. Therefore the cable can be propelled through thousands of kilometer of intricate duct work through fiber optic cable Jetting machines. Such distances are possible to the high air drag and low friction generous.

Blowing machine design

Fiber Optic cable blowing machine mainly consists of following parts

  1. adjustment and lubrication system
  2. cable meter counter
  3. compressed air connection
  4. cable guidance
  5. base plate
  6. belt feeder
  7. blowing head

A Fiber cable blowing machine consists of the following components:

  • a head that ensures secure fitting of the duct into which the cable will be blown. It will be supplying the medium (air or water) to the duct. Then the cable inserted into the duct via the head goes through a sealing system preventing the medium from getting into the machine;
  • a belt feeder that moves the cable towards the head;
  • a base plate or a frame onto which the blowing machine’s subsystems are mounted
  • cable guidance, that is a system of bushes or rolls guiding the cable towards the blowing head;
  • air or water connections that supply the medium securely to the blowing machine;
  • a meter counter that shows the length (sometimes also the velocity) of the blown cable
  • and control unit that allows to control the speed of cable insertion and the propelling power of the feeder.


Machines are classified with regard to the diameter of the cable they can handle and the type of drive system (track feeder, roller feeder, belt feeder or blower heads without feeders). The machines are of 2 types.

  1. Hydraulically powered
  2. Pneumatically powered.

The hydraulically blowing machine consists of 2 parts.

  1. Cable feeding unit: – This is the main component and it pushes the cable into the HDPE duct with the help of compressed air.
  2. Hydraulic Power pack: – This unit provides the power to cable feeding unit and it is because of hydraulic power pack, the cable feeding unit operates.

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How does a cable blowing machine work?

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